the Dom Tower

The Dom Tower has been exposed to wind, rain, frost and sunlight for the past 700 years. The tower therefore requires routine maintenance and restoration.

Piecing together the history

As a high point in the city, the Dom Tower withstands a great deal of wind, rain, frost and sun damage. The tower therefore undergoes a complete restoration every 40-50 years on top of routine daily maintenance. The first restoration occurred between 1519 and 1525. But after the destructive storm of 1674, the tower fell into disrepair. The Dom Tower was then restored in 1836 – just in time as it was ready to collapse! A comprehensive restoration was needed in 1901 and lasted until 1932

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Domtoren Restauratie

The current restoration

The third complete restoration of the Dom Tower started in 2019 and will take until the end of 2024 to finish. The restoration started in 2019 and the prognosis is that it will be finished in 2024. The restoration focusses on the exterior of the tower. The team starts at the top and wil slowly make its way to ground level. No work will be done on the inside because the interior is in good condition.


Domtoren restauratie