Experiencing the Dom Tower

The eye-catching pride of Utrecht

Standing at a height of 112 metres, the Dom Tower is the iconic symbol of Utrecht and the tallest church spire in the Netherlands.


During the course of the last 700 years, the Dom Tower has stood witness to much of Utrecht’s tumultuous past. Join us as we explore the most important moments in our history and discover more about this iconic symbol of Utrecht.

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Domtoren geschiedenis

Dom Square

The origins of Utrecht lie at the foot of the tower: Dom Square. The square began as a fortress and then became a religious centre before becoming a meeting place. Let us uncover Dom Square’s beautiful stories, its unique architecture and the rich history that lies, in part, below the surface.

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Decorative figure Did you know...
...you climb 465 steps to the top? And now during the restoration there are even 30 more!


The Dom Tower is currently completely covered in scaffolding. The tower requires a complete restoration every 50 years. Due to its position and height, the tower is exposed to more than its fair share of wind, rain, frost and sun. Would you believe the first restoration began more than 500 years ago?

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Domtoren restauratie


The Dom Tower contains 64 bells. Fourteen swinging bells hang at 49 metres, with the carillon standing at 70 metres. Together, they form the voice of the Dom Tower and can be heard in every street within the city centre.

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