Let the Dom Tower sing

The 14 swinging bells and the 50 bells of the carillon give the Dom Tower its iconic voice.

Swinging bells

Fourteen swinging bells hang halfway up the Dom Tower and weigh a whopping 32,000 kilos. These bells are rung by hand each Sunday, during every religious holiday and on special occasions. It takes 26 people to ring all the bells at the same time. Quite a feat and a unique job, expertly handled by the Utrecht Bellringers Guild (UKG) since 1979. The guild is a passionate, close-knit group of enthusiasts.

Klokken Domtoren
Decorative figure Did you know...
...the first carillonneur of the Dom Tower was blind?

The carillon and carillonneur

Stroll through Utrecht on a Saturday morning and you will hear well-known melodies coming from the Dom Tower, some 80 metres above the city streets, as carillonneur Malgosia Fiebig plays the 50-bell carillon. Malgosia (41), is the 17th city carillonneur since 1623. Each week, her audience would fill a large concert hall! She plays pieces by classical masters alongside modern songs by groups like ABBA, Stromae and the Beatles. In 2016, the bells were heard around the world when Malgosia played her interpretation of ‘Space Oddity’ after David Bowie passed away. A passer-by happened to film her performance and shared it on the internet.

Klokken Domtoren