Hosting a covid-19 proof event - We are temporarily closed

Even in these trying times we would still like to welcome you as a bridal couple, client or guest at the Dom Tower. Recently we have been very busy to make the St Michaels chapel and Van Heukelom room Covid-19 proof, so that we are able to host events here while still social distancing. These rooms are perfect for a wedding, seated drinks, dinners, lectures and meetings. We have done this, of course, in good consultation with our four catering partners, so we can optimally use their knowledge and expertise. Together we can make sure that we can responsibly host carefree and safe events at the Dom Tower.

Below you find the most frequently asked questions about an event during times of corona. If you have any other questions, do no hesitate to contact us. 

What is the maximum capacity in the Van Heukelom room and the St Michaels chapel?

The maximum amount of people allowed into the Van Heukelom room, while still being able to safely maintain 1.5 metres distance, is currently 6 people. The maximum amount of people for the St Michaels chapel is 30 people at the moment. If you want to organise seated drinks or a dinner, then the different amount of households is decisive for the maximum capacity. This is due to our furniture that takes up space as well.

Is keeping 1.5m of distance mandatory during the events?

In the Dom Tower we always maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. In the staircase that translates to keeping five steps away from each other. At the entrance there will be dispensers with hand sanitizer, so guests can disinfect their hands. During the events we will set up the Van Heukelom room and St Michaels chapel in such a way that guests are always able to socially distance. Even with a face mask you are obligated to keep 1.5m distance from the other guests.

Is wearing a face mask mandatory during the events?

Wearing a face mask is obliged for all guests (only for people over 12 years old). Our employees are also wearing a face mask or face shield. Only when guests are seated in the Van Heukelom room or St Michaels chapel are they allowed to take off their masks. Guests should put it back on again while moving, for example during a toilet break.

Is it still possible to scout the location in advance?

The Dom Tower is closed at the moment. Unfortunately, it is therefore not possible to make an appointment for scouting the location. You are welcome to contact us and as soon as we will open again, we are happy to guide you around.