Christmas - Opening hours

The Dom Tower is open for visitors on Boxing Day (26 December)! Come and stretch your legs and get some fresh air!   

Climbing the historical Dom Tower will be, literally, the pinnacle of your visit to Utrecht. Accompanied by a guide, you will climb all 465 steps of the highest church tower in the Netherlands. That is no mean feat, but thankfully we will not be making the climb in one go. On your way up, the guide will pause in a number of places to tell you more about the history and the construction of the Dom Tower – about the majestic St Michael's Chapel, for example, and the huge bells in the Belfry. These moments are a good opportunity to catch your breath! Once you get to the highest point, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the city and the wider area... One thing is for sure: once you get to the top of the Dom, Utrecht will be in your heart forever.

The guided tour takes about an hour and we are open from 12 until 16 pm.

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Only online tickes, no ticket sales at the door.